Skan-C Vs. Other C-Arms


If you’re shaking your head no, then by the end of this light read, you’ll make sure EVERYONE knows who Skanray is.

We started in 2008 with five ex-GE engineers who wanted to create something that would change medical imaging forever. We’re now in 2023, and Skanray has a global presence in manufacturing and R&D and is also a globally certified Medical Equipment Manufacturer (Retail/Oem)! 

Skanray now has seven manufacturing plants globally, 50 plus world-class

products, 80 plus advanced technology patents, 500 plus MedTech professionals, and 126,000 plus Medical Equipment Installations across the globe!

In April 2020, David Orlando took over as CEO of Skanray Americas, making ImagPros the master distributor of all Skanray products across the US.

Dave is known as the C-Arm expert in the industry, as he has been selling them for over 20 years. 

He has dealt with OEC, Siemens, Genoray, Phillips, Ziehm, etc… After learning more about the Skanray technology and visiting the manufacturing plants in India and Italy, Dave quickly realized Skanray had something very special. His comments on the company were

“Skanray is on its way up to being one of the top dogs in the industry.” 

And we meant that.

The Skan-C is our flagship product which comes equipped with advanced digital technology, 2.5 million image storage, impeccable image quality, UPS battery backup, integrated Dicom, dual high-resolution LED monitors, class 2 laser, USB ports/cd burning, a 5-year warranty, remote diagnostics, the LOWEST RADIATION SCATTER on the market, and so much more!



If you’ve ever purchased a C-Arm before, you know that they almost always come with a 1- year warranty, whether brand new or refurbished. And if it is a refurbished system, most likely, it’s about 20-plus years old. Once that warranty expires, you absolutely have to purchase a service contract ranging from $8-15k a year. That’s around $1,000 per month to service something that may or may not work that morning. I know doctors and techs know that a C-Arm is how you treat your patients and bring revenue into your practice. If your C-Arm isn’t working, you’re canceling patients, rescheduling, and losing money. The Skan-C is a brand new C-Arm with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about anything for a full five years!


We have found the perfect balance! While using less power, we still get the same, if not better, image quality you’d expect from one of your high-cost systems. Manufacturing our own tubes in-house is a huge advantage for Skanray. It allows us to control the tube while improving image quality precisely. The way we process our images allows us to get impeccable images. We often compare the Skan-C to a Tesla, which requires less power to get high-end performance.


The Skan-C is equipped with a 5-year warranty, making it the lowest 5-year cost of ownership. Any other system will have a 1-year warranty, requiring you to purchase a service contract in years 2-5. So at the end of 5 years, you’ll spend an additional $40k+ on top of the system’s purchase price. Unfortunately, in many cases, you’re left with a 20-plus-year modality.


Picture this, it’s a Thursday at 3 pm, and you are getting ready for a full day of cases on Friday, but your 2003 C-Arm just broke down, you called the service company, but they can’t get out till Friday evening, and even then they won’t know what’s wrong until they arrive. 

Most of the time, we can fix the problem through an internet connection. With our software, we can dial into the system and diagnose the issue remotely. If not, we know what’s wrong before we arrive on site. We will overnight parts and have an engineer on-site the next day—minimizing YOUR downtime and having to reschedule patients!


Although we have so many extraordinary qualities, our zero to none leakage radiation would have to be the one I’m most proud of. Our engineers have done studies, and our system produces the LOWEST RADIATION EXPOSURE ON THE MARKET! This is accomplished by our Skanshield/Skansafe technology.


Are you ready to upgrade your imaging equipment to include a Skan-C? Call us today at 248-951-9020!